Home School – a complicated debate

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/24/e1/af/24e1af6dd27714f90fd168ab99e4b49d.jpgHere’s a complicated issue. Most people reading this would be able to say whether they agree with home-schooling or not straightaway. And I think this is sad. Because you don’t know the position of the children who are home-schooled.

I went to school and had a great time (mostly). I had friends, I enjoyed learning and being taught by teachers and it taught me a lot of life skills, particularly in social situations. You’re introduced to all sorts of people with different personalities and backgrounds and people who are not very nice to you. This happens to everyone throughout your life so it’s good to learn how to deal with people at a young age before you need to start looking after yourself. The social lessons I believe are behind why a lot of people vehemently think home-schooling is not a good idea.

However, there are points in favour of home-schooling which lots fail to consider. Many parents/guardians etc manage home-schooling really well. Their children in their care join groups after lessons like sport clubs, performing arts and girl guide/scout groups where they learn these social lessons. Another point in favour is that some children find school really difficult. I have a friend who I met through the Girl Guides and who suffered from a lot of anxiety problems, was bullied, and found it really difficult at school. The parents then pulled this person out.

As well as this, lots of people fail to think about how the children learn from home. Some children are taught by parents or teachers online or both. But most will also need to teach themselves a lot. Surely this shows dedication and commitment and many other positive attributes if they master it, which my friend has done.

Maybe next time you discuss home-schooling for whatever reason you’ll understand that there are a lot of reasons for why children are home-schooled and that there are positive things about teaching this way too. Don’t judge.


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